The ideal client
(yes, you)

You’re hard to fit in a certain category and you don’t necessarily have a particular look, so people can’t label you easily. You don’t always wear an uniform but you’re not tribal either. You’re fashionable, picky, complex, ironic and authentic.

You tend to remove yourself from the banal, the obvious, the mainstream. You like to make your choices, no matter the trend.

You’re living generally in urban areas, in big or small cities, but you love and perhaps you know how to craft stuff.  

You have back stories about real things and authenticity; you love (and consume) real, special stuff. You’re inventive, individually creating your state of mind. You look forward,but borrow a lot from the past.

You love, consume and display beautiful designs. You’re not social- cultural revolutionaries. You’re living in a post-post-modern world. You might work as self-employed in media, architecture, design (perhaps sitting behind a desk).

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