Guangzhou Auditorium Dome

Concept Design is an iterative six-step cycle process to any project, one cycle taking from days to weeks, depending on project scale. Each step requires a different set of skills. One of my projects that reflects this six-step approach is Guangzhou Auditorium Dome.


Define the problem

The main design challenge: a fireproof and sound transparent dome above the public that had to fit the 50% budget cut. It also had to look suple and flexible.


Collect information

- Contacted show textile manufacturers (showtex, accoustone etc) to get the most appropriate solution.
- Printability serigraphic tests of different samples.
- Study visualisations to determine the colors and print design.


Brainstorm & analyse

My studies of an umbrella-like structure solved all the project's design challenges.


Develop solutions

Solutions were always developed by another designer as 2D layouts and 3D rendering.


Present your ideas


Improve design

After client feedback I had one to four weeks to integrate comments and improve the design. Sometimes this had started a new complete cycle of concept design.

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