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Interior design workshop

I'm experienced in delivering interior design workshops for small groups. Each workshop can take up to four hours and could cover one of the following: the kitchen, the bathroom, the living room, the bedroom, and the eight contemporary styles.


We’re influenced by the environment we live and work in. Our moods, feelings and health are directly impacted by the surrounding shapes, colours, smells or air quality. We can improve the way we feel physically, emotionally and mentally just by changing a little the environment around us.  


Working for 10+ years on interior design projects I noticed the nonprofessional clients could have better expressed themselves if they had a vocabulary of specific design terms. The workshops filled this vocabulary gap for them. The main objective was to teach the basic skills of interior decoration so at the end of the workshop participants would be able to design simple rooms or express more clearly their needs. The target is diverse - it could be every person interested for their well-being at home or at work, or people willing to redecorate or build their homes, or interior design enthusiasts, or artists - and so on.  


Each workshop featured a short historical and symbolical presentation of the subject room, the relationship between a physical feature (or movement) and the psychological impact, theoretical notions (eg: composition, perspective, theory of colours), individual practical task, group practical task, homework, visual presentation and written notes, given also as handouts, and advice, support and inspiration (up to one month) for the assignment.

When & Where

I have delivered this workshop a dozen times during 2013-2014, in Bucharest.

Preview the course slides: