Project Management

As a construction project manager I direct, regulate and supervise a project from early development to completion. My goal is full client satisfaction in terms of functionality and budget. My expertise covers interior design projects - commercial and residential.


What I do

Construction projects change constantly in all aspects, so project management is key to the stability of the whole procedure. I plan, coordinate, budget and supervise projects from the beginning to the end by putting together the budget and negotiate cost estimates, arranging the work timetables, staying in touch with clients and suppliers for work or budget related issues, discussing technical and contract details with workers and other professional parties, keeping an eye on the personnel in construction on-site, and cooperating with building and construction specialists.


How I do it

I can do these because I am able to synthesize and translate terrain data into decision makers’ language, I have good verbal and written skills for managing more complex and difficult situations with stakeholders, and because my technical knowledge speeds up significantly the decision process on budgets and timings.

See a sample project: