Visualizatons are usually made through a three-step linear process: building the 3D model, creating draft renderings and then the final renderings. The whole process for one final image can take anywhere from half a day up to one week or more, depending on project scale and quality requirements.


Building the 3D model

You will provide me:

1.The 2D architectural drawings: layout plans, cross-sections and relevant details (CAD/PDF);

2.  Materials schedule for each room visible in the scene (if you don’t have it, we can fill this in during one meeting);

3. Specific interior design information if it’s relevant for the final result (eg : special fittings and furnishings).

If you don’t have any, I can deliver them as a separate service.

Using this information (CAD drawings and references), I will build a 3D model of all visible objects. I can add 3d models of people, stationery and green plants if necessary.


Draft renderings (no textures + basic lighting)

To optimize costs and time, at this stage I need to check with you that everything relevant in the scene is visible. This is also the best time to choose the exact camera positions and to validate the number of final images.

I will create and show you draft renders with basic lighting and without textures, as they take the least amount of time.

Significant changes that occur after this stage will cost more time and money, because rendering times will be much higher.


The renderings with textures and advanced lighting

At this stage, the textures from the material schedule are applied on objects, and the light solution is refined. Any significant change in light, textures or objects that will require re-rendering will take at least another half a day, so it will naturally add to the total cost.

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